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Test Anxiety is almost universal.  In fact, it is unusual to find a student, young or old who doesn't approach a big test without a high level of anxiety.  Test Anxiety can cause a host of problems in students, such as upset stomach, headache, loss of focus, fear, irritability, anger, and even depression.  New research is helping to better define how emotional stress and anxiety affect learning and academic performance.  It is found that reducing your stress and anxiety can significantly improve test scores.

Anxiety creates a kind of "noise" or "mental static" in the brain that blocks our ability to retrieve what's stored in memory, and also greatly impairs our ability to comprehend and reason.

Contact 240.244.5943 for information on ordering an interactive learning system device and obtaining the secrets to improving your test scores and overall academic performance.  This system is a set of practical techniques and technologies to enable both adults and children relieve stress and anxiety while helping improve performance and enrich the quality of life.

 Stop the negative impact of stress—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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Personal Stress


The Scientific Role of the Heart in Learning and Performance

SEE - Stop Emotional Eating Program -
personal coaching (4-session) enlightenment program

emWave - Personal Stress Reliever (portable device)

Personal Development Collection  Activating the Heart's Intelligence: A Video Guide to an Expanded Awareness of the Heart (VHS Format, 82 min.)
The HeartMath® Method: Five Steps to Total Calm, Confidence and Creativity learning program (8 audio CDs, deluxe guidebook, Heart Zones music CD)
The HeartMath® Solution (book), by Doc Childre









Software &




TestEdge® Interactive CD-ROM: Grades 7-Adult

The Inside StoryUnderstanding the Power of Feelings 

Science of the Heart - Item #1985

Hidden Power of the Heart - Item #1061

Transforming Stress - Item #1160

Transforming Anxiety - Item #1155

Transforming Anger - Item #1150


$  5.95






 Business Performance Collection   Includes:
• Strategies for the Competitive Edge: Getting Results in the Face of Rapid Change video, Stanford Executive Briefing (VHS Format, 59 min)
• From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance book, written by Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer
• From Chaos to Coherence CD-ROM (multi-media learning program)
• Harvard Business Review article, "Pull the Plug on Stress"

 Heart Zones Music CD

 Quiet Joy Music CD Emotional and Mental Regeneration

 Speed of Balance Music CD

 Special price for all three





Software, Music,

Articles & Books

 Executive Freeze-Framer® Package v2.0(USB)

 Freeze-Framer 2.0 Software
• From Chaos to Coherence book by Doc  Childre and Bruce Cryer
• Harvard Business Review article “Pull the Plug on Stress”
• Emotional Intelligence article
• Quick Start Guide Booklet
• "Quiet Joy" music CD from Doc Childre

• USB Finger Tip Pulse Sensor
• USB 6 foot Extension Cable
• Onboard help menu and multimedia tutorial
• Free technical support
• *Optional Ear Sensor can be purchased separately













 Strategies for the Competitive Edge:
Getting Results in the Face of Rapid Change  VHS





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