Heart to Heart
Stress Management

Stress Relief & Personal Coaching

Balance your mind, emotions and body quickly!

 We help individuals tap their creative energies and skills to expand their areas of expertise, flexibility, and decision making, and to boost their performance and health.


  "Stress poisons us.  Every stressful event floods us with stress hormones, as harmful to our bodies as rivers of acid.  The more stress we have, the more difficult it is for our cardiovascular system, our immune system and even our brains to function well.  Chronic stress ages us long before our time, and if left unchecked, can kill us."  From The Hidden Power of the Heart, 1998

 Are you ready to:

  • feel better more often
  • boost your performance
  • find more work/life balance
  • expand your flexibility and resilience
  • enhance your decision making and creativity
  • refine your communication skills
  • strengthen your personal and professional relationships
  • reverse the negative impact stress is having on your health, work, and quality of life
  • Call us: 240.244.5943

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